31 January 2019

Opportunity Description

Become a Community Art Facilitator with the Butterfly Art Project by joining our free Community Art Facilitator Training.

Entry Module: Early Art Beginnings

This prerequisite module introduces facilitators to four artistic mediums: clay, water colour paint, free drawing and mixed media which equips facilitators to develop lessons to grow resilience, concentration, social skills, interest in learning, confidence and fine motor skills within their own groups of beneficiaries. Participants will experience the mediums and gain facilitation skills to help work in their chosen community.

This programme focuses on enabling and empowering participants to implement healing art classes within disadvantaged communities. The curriculum aims to create safe spaces that are a catalyst for holistic healthy development and that encourage exploration and creativity. Over the years our training modules have been refined based on our learning with children and collaboration with others in the development sector. After completing our Early Beginnings module and any other two modules, participants qualify to become part of the Community Art Facilitators Network:

The training is structured in modules themed for a specific artistic concept and consists of 8 sessions of 3 hours each.

What are our ideal Candidates?

1. Commitments:

  • Participation in 8 workshop sessions of 3 hours each (alternatively 4 sessions of 6 hours each depending on scheduling by the Training Manager)
  • Facilitation of a group of participants from a vulnerable community of trainee’s choice; minimum of 24 hours of facilitation & practice
  • Monitoring and evaluation of community work i.e.: Registration of participants being taught.
  • Completed Child monitoring tool and written reflection/significant stories
  • Submission of portfolio of evidence (inclusive of learnings, lesson plans, artworks and photographic evidence) at the end of the module in order to graduate.

2. Specific skills

  • Bilingual in English and another SA language.
  • Excellent organizational and time management skills, with the ability to multi-task.
  • Excellent intercultural skills.
  • The ability to document and report + Submit POE
  • The ability to work independently, using one’s own initiative

3. Personal characteristics

  • Self-disciplined.
  • Reflects and adjust appropriately to lessons learned.
  • Believes that diversity is a strength.
  • Believes in the healing qualities of art.
  • Problem solving ability.
  • Willingness to learn and engage
  • Eagerness to expand their skillset using BAP opportunities (Hubs, Further trainings etc.)

4. Requirement of possible candidates

  • Should be able to volunteer 2 hours a week
  • Ideal if they have their own established group
  • Individual should be able to be independent, travel on his/her own using public transport if not mobile.
  • Should have the ability to communicate and schedule his/her own diary time

Training dates: Training will take place once a month in 2019 from February and successful candidates will be contacted via email for the training.

How to Apply

If you are interested in signing up for our training please use the link below and fill out an application form:


or contact Howard Williams: howard@butterflyartproject.org