10 October 2021

Opportunity Description

FY2022 Socially Engaged Art Support Grant Application Guideline

Towards the Socially Engaged Art Support Grant
At this age of globalism, Japanese artists are actively working in broad areas both domestic and abroad, and increasing numbers of grants and awards that support such artists’ activities have developed over the recent years. In such condition within the international art field, Socially Engaged Art, which aims to realize a better society through direct artist involvements with communities and societies, are attracting increasing attention among their approaches towards various controversies such as environmental issues, economic discrepancies, immigrant issues, and more others. In Japan however, Socially Engaged Art is not yet well renowned, and no particular system could be found up until this point that support such activities. Taking into account of such condition, Kawamura Arts and Cultural Foundation will start a new grant system in which would be the first case to support Socially Engaged Art in Japan. We hope this grant system would contribute in attaining a broader understanding of Socially Engaged Art along with its social meanings and possibilities, and intensify the activities and practices of artists who aim to realize a further better society towards the future.

SOCIALLY ENGAGED ART SUPPORT GRANT will support Socially Engaged Art projects that will take place in Japan and commit to the community and society; implement activities together with communities and residents; and aim to build and demonstrate models of a better society. This would further enhance in-depth relationships between art culture and the society and will contribute in cultivating higher cultural developments in Japan.

About recruitment for the Fiscal Year 2022
In view of the current spread of the new coronavirus infection, our foundation is looking for ideas for a project under the theme of “Socially Engaged Art Project in the COVID-19 Related Chaos,” as it did last time. If adopted, the grantees will be required to announce prototypes (pre-workshop, prototypes, lectures, videos, etc.) for implementing the project in FY 2022.

Definition of “Socially Engaged Art”
Socially Engaged Art (SEA) is a generic term of artistic activities that aim a certain “change” amongst existing rules and systems through a proactive process of participation and communication with the society, on both daily and social levels.


  • Applications made by individuals and organizations fulfilling below would be acknowledged legitimate:
  • All age ranges, all nationalities
  • Artists or Art organizations

How to Apply

FROM: AUGUST 30th (Monday), 2021
DEADLINE: OCTOBER 10th (Sunday), 2021 *18:00pm Japan Time