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15 February 2019


Opportunity Description

Qualification and experience required: Educational Qualification relevant to the position.
Experience Requirements: Relevant to the position.

Technical Skills and Competencies:

  • Strong organizational and planning capacity and logistical skills.
  • Understanding and appreciation of the Arts.
  • Computer literacy – Excel, Word, Facebook, and other social media

Interpersonal Skills:

  • Good communication skills (written and verbal)
  • Fluent in English
  • Courteous
  • Able to work independently
  • A good team player
  • Proactive
  • Practical
  • Reliable, honest with integrity

REPORTING TO: The Chairman of the Board of artEC


  • Be the public face of artEC, dealing professionally and courteously with members and the public at all times, making every one who enters the premises feel welcome, and dealing efficiently with all queries and transactions
  • Ensure the smooth day to day running of the gallery
  • Maintain ongoing promotion and advertising of the gallery
  • Plan, organize, present and market exhibitions, workshops and events including responsibilities for public relations
  • Manage deadlines and prepare for exhibitions proactively
  • Organise and attend exhibition openings approximately every three weeks usually on a Tuesday at 5.30 to 7pm
  • Liaise with artist and buyers



  • Coordinate in-house andtravelling exhibitions
  • Write briefs and open calls for exhibitions
  • Write and curate at least one major national exhibition per year to promote contemporary art to showcase artEC at NAF and/or elsewhere.
  • Assist artist in setting up and selling works on exhibition
  • Handle enquiries about exhibitions, hand out forms and manage bookings once approved by the board.
  • Keep database of artist’s contact details, CVs and examples of their work
  • Oversee that invitations to exhibitions and openings are send out timeously (e-mail, social media, by hand)
  • Organise assistance to hang exhibition and to assist with lighting
  • Make sure tools and nails are always sorted and available
  • Make sure sound system is set up if necessary, with suitable music for the opening
  • Contact selectors where relevant
  • Arrange for a speaker well in advance, if required
  • Labels and buyers list to be prepared and printed before the opening.
  • Be available at openings
  • Supervise the invoicing of sold work
  • Take in and return work with relevant paperwork
  • Process payment to artist and suppliers in collaboration with the treasurer

Gallery security:
As the person in charge of opening and closing the entire building, and controlling the movement of visitors, take responsibility for the security of the premises.

  • Security gate to be kept locked at all times during gallery hours and open only when visitors are allowed in
  • Gallery never to be left unattended or in the care of unauthorized persons
  • All gates and windows to be securely locked before leaving the gallery
  • Sitters to be informed of the panic buttons and security codes


  • As the main point of contact between the members of artEC, maintain a friendly, informed, helpful approach in dealing with all prospective and existing members.
  • Encourage new members to join
  • Inform members of any artists’ opportunities

Handle all admin and documentation in an efficient and transparent manner to ensure the smooth running of the gallery

  • Promptly follow up on all requests for information, or forward to the appropriate person
  • Do correct accounting of all takings and ensure safekeeping
  • Ensure that petty cash procedures are followed at all times

Publicity and marketing:

  • Make sure members are regularly informed of all events and important news
  • Communicate effectively with the public on an ongoing basis via social media, local newspapers and radio stations and national art magazines.
  • Keep posters and notices on the noticeboard updated regularly


  • Assist to collect suitable and informative material to make the newsletter relevant and interesting
  • Oversee that the newsletter is published quarterly


  • Ensure gallery is open and closed at the correct times
  • If you must go out unavoidably during gallery hours ensure that the intern or other board members can sit in your place
  • Refer all queries that you are unable to deal with to the Chairman
  • Maintain admin in an orderly fashion, keeping up to date files of all documentation
  • Communicate effectively with the chairman in respect of all queries and events
  • Monitor and assist the intern if applicable
  • Monthly feedback to the board about events

How to Apply

Contact: gallery@artecpe.co.za/041 585 3641