15 November 2019

Opportunity Description

Designed for individuals who have dedicated themselves to management, rather than artistic leadership, the program supports leaders in positions of decision-making authority in developing, implementing, and refining organizational strategies over a three-year, cohort-based engagement.

At the DeVos Institute, we believe that creative practice is an essential expression of the dignity, aspirations, and achievements of individuals, communities, and societies, and that pro-active support for creative practice as a platform for intercultural, and international, cooperation is required in a healthy global society. Led by Institute Founder, Michael M. Kaiser, and President, Brett Egan, the Fellowship is equally tactical and aspirational in exemplifying these beliefs. The program emphasizes critical organizational capacities in long-term artistic planning, marketing, fundraising, board development, and financial management; while provoking broader questions of mission, relevance, impact, and the role of art and the dialogue it provokes as an instrument of peace.

Individuals typically engage in the Fellowship at point of inflection in their career, where an infusion of strategic training, mentorship, peer learning, and reflection is necessary to advance both their work in the organization and their role as a leader in their field. Past Fellows have come from a range of backgrounds – many are founders and executive directors of their own organizations which they have grown to a point of maturity, while others are new or established leaders within iconic institutions or contemporary platforms. All Fellows share a deep commitment to the role of arts, culture, and creative practice in their respective societies and inquisitiveness that drives them to engage deeply in the immersive and collaborative environment. On average, Fellows bring 10-20 years of professional experience to reflect upon.

Fellows attend a four-week residency in Washington, D.C. in July for three consecutive years and engage in mentoring and cohort-based activities between residencies. The program is provided free of charge through a competitive application process.

Applicant Criteria

The fellowship is designed to be pursued through the context of each Fellow’s current organization. As such, applicants must:

  • Currently serve as the executive director (or equivalent) or the head of a major department within art or cultural organization in a paid, permanent capacity. While the program is equally impactful for leaders working in large and small organizations, the applicant’s organization must have a minimum of three full-time staff members, five years of consistent programming history, and an operating budget of at least the equivalent of $250,000 USD/€220,000 EUR;
  • Have an excellent command of business English, orally and written; and
  • Be able to commit to the full term of the Fellowship. (Washington D.C. residency dates are June 29–July 24, 2020; June 28–July 23, 2021; and June 27-July 22, 2022.)

Fellows receive:

  • Air and ground transportation between Washington, D.C. and their state or country of residence
  • Lodging during the Fellowship
  • Per diem to cover living expenses during the Fellowship
  • Visa sponsorship (for international applicants)
  • Program materials

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How to Apply

Interested candidates are asked to submit a letter of interest by November 15, 2019 using this link:

For questions, please send an e-mail to fellowships@devosinstitute.net