15 June 2021

Opportunity Description

About the Hariban Award
Japanese website
Presented by Benrido, the Hariban Award combines a 160 year old analog technique with contemporary photography. Glass plates have been used as the base for collotype printing plates which still continues today. The award is called “Hariban ” as “Hari” means glass plate and “ban” means printing plate in traditional Japanese. This Award invites professionals and amateurs alike to submit black and white photographs for a chance to win. Submissions are judged by an international group of Jurors and the Grand Prize Winner receives a two-week residency in Kyoto, Japan to collaborate with the master printer’s of Benrido.

What winners receive
Grand Prize Winner
Two-week residency

The Grand Prize Winner of the Hariban Award will travel to Kyoto, Japan to spend two weeks working with the Master Printer to realise their winning body of work in collotype.

Benrido Experience & Collotype Prints

While in Kyoto, the Grand Prize Winner will:

  • Collaborate with master printers of the atelier in the production of 8 collotype prints of their winning works
  • Take part in a Collotype Academy Workshop to learn how to make collotype prints by hand
  • Flights & Accommodation for 2-week residency paid for.

Solo Exhibition 2021
The Grand Prize Winner’s collotype prints will be exhibited in a solo exhibition of their works the following year.

Previous venues have included:

  • Kousei-in Temple (Awoiska van der Molen solo exhibition, 2014)
  • Sfera Exhibition (Antony Cairns solo exhibition, 2015)
  • Hakusasonso Hashimoto Kansetsu Garden & Museum — Zonkoro (Claudio Silvano solo exhibition, 2016)
  • Kiyomizu-dera Temple — Jojuin (Stephen Gill solo exhibition, 2017)
  • Murin-an (Esther Teichmann solo exhibition, 2018)
  • Noguchi Residence — Karaku-an (Margaret Lansink solo exhibition, 2019).
  • MEDIA SHOP (Maude Arsenault solo exhibition, 2020)

Competition Catalogue 2021

All finalists will have a selection of their work published in the official Hariban Award catalogue printed in collotype and hand-bound by traditional binders in Kyoto, Japan.

Juror’s Choice Award
Selected by each Juror, an applicant will be selected from the pool of submissions by each Juror as their nomination for the Juror’s Choice Award. The Juror’s choice award winners will receive a dedicated text by their respective Jurors that will be printed and published along with a selection of their work in the annual Hariban Award Catalogue. All Juror’s Choice winners will also receive copies of the limited-edition award catalogue for their personal use.

Benrido Award
Selected by Benrido CEO Takumi Suzuki, the Benrido Award winner will receive a dedicated text written by Mr. Suzuki and will have an image printed and published in collotype within the annual Hariban Award catalogue. The Benrido Award winner will also receive copies of the catalogue for their personal use.

Honourable Mentions
Runners up from the final round of judging will be given honourable mentions. An image of their submitted work will be printed and published within the official Hariban Award catalogue. The runners up will also receive copies of the catalogue for their personal use.

About Collotype
Established in 1887, Benrido has specialised in the unique printing technique known as Collotype and today remains as one of only a few studios left in the world capable of making fine colour collotype prints.

Collotype is an alternative printing process that was invented in 1855 by the French engineer Alphonse Poitevin as a method for photographic fine art printing. Photographic prints of the 19th century had poor image preservability, and over time gradually faded and discoloured. To compensate for this, various printing methods using pigments were devised, one of the established techniques among them was collotype.

How to Apply

Generate your submission form
Complete payment via picter.com

Entry fees
Standard Entry Fee
50 USD Per Individual Entry


  • Call for entries open – 1 April 2021
  • Submission deadline – 15 June 2021
  • Winners announcement – August 2021
  • Grand Prize Winner residency at Benrido Atelier – November 2021
  • Grand Prize Winner Solo Exhibition – April 2022

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