19 September 2021

Opportunity Description

The Goethe-Institut network in Sub-Saharan Africa invites “African artists, collectives and creative practitioners” to create documentary work that can be displayed on the House of African Feminisms website, a networking platform for African feminists.

The initiative is called Women’s Power in every day and will fund projects up to EUR 1000. Visual art projects such as short films, photographic essays, and reportages are encouraged. More generally, artists are invited to explore new perspectives on feminism centered on the daily experiences of African women and inclusive of queer/trans experiences.

The Goethe-Institut network in Sub-Saharan Africa is supporting artistic projects in the area of African Feminisms with a specific focus on the everyday life of African women of all generations.
This open call invites African artists, collectives, and creative practitioners to produce a digital documentary artwork that can be presented on the website “House of African Feminisms”. We are looking for reportages, photographic essays, or short films that question and engage around the role of African women in the everyday life and how their power and role manifests itself in their profession and daily life practices. We want to discover new perspectives of “African Feminisms” and female empowerment in the daily life of people, not only in artistic and academic contexts. How do we define the powerful and strong African woman? What are the contexts in which these women move, act, and speak, and which are the contexts these women (re)create?

Project Expectations:

  • Produce a photographic Essay, Reportage or Short Film, with a specific focus on Feminisms in the everyday life of African Women and provide it for the HoAF website
  • Provide PR material for the project communication
  • All aspects of the project to be completed by early December 2021
  • Submission of narrative and financial report until 15 January 2022

About the Goethe-Institut
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How to Apply

Submit to: edwige.dro@goethe.de with the subject line “HoAF Grant”.


  1. Your concept (max 2 pages or a video no more than 3 minutes)
  2. Biography or CV
  3. Budget plan
  4. What your medium will likely be
  5. Any links to your work you think are relevant to this application