20 June 2020

Opportunity Description

The Im4theArts Winter School is a response to members’ needs for capacity-building. This pilot event which runs from Monday 22 to Wednesday 24 June 2020 offers 12 short courses of 270 minutes, divided into three sessions of 90 minutes on three consecutive days.

The early mornings are devoted to introductions to the creative industries in each discipline and run concurrently, while later courses are cross-cutting and apply to all disciplines. Each course has a facilitator who has planned the course and will host it, with some courses having the facilitators as the lead presenters, and others using a variety of presenters. They are intended to be as practical as possible to offer participants useful information to improve their work within the sector.

For queries write to Im4theArts@gmail.com and for more information on the movement go to www.iam4thearts.org.za.

How to Apply

The courses are free and are available only to members of Im4theArts. To sign up for the winter school or as a member, click here and submit the form which will also allow you to sign up for the course/s you would like to attend. These are all online courses and they will be hosted on the Zoom platform.

You will be provided with the Zoom link for your course/s by Sunday 21 June.