15 March 2018


Opportunity Description

The Kin ArtStudio is an independent and not profit, art organisation based in Kinshasa that encourages creation in the field of visual arts and others form of contemporary expression, fostering exchanges with other artists and art initiatives throughout the world, strengthening young Congolese artists’ capacities, and professionalising the practice.

Kin ArtStudio has been established in 2011 by the visual artist Vitshois Mwilambwe Bondo and is now entering a new phase. Growing confident from its past/recent achievements, it broadens its scope of action and influence, carrying forward its mission to offer a multidisciplinary creative, national and international artists and curator residency program and exhibition space for the practice of contemporary visual arts in Kinshasa, and be a platform for the professionalisation. The Kin ArtStudio has recently occupied a new space, located on one of the main central artery of the city, the new location is a very spacious old fabric factory space that can accommodate more artists studio’s, offices, project space, library, technicals studios and restaurant. The building’s centrality also attracts ready more diverse attention/interests, which the Kin ArtStudio needs in its development prospects.

Our mission

The Kin ArtStudio strives to remain faithful to its objectives and to foster agency while functioning in a
complicated and coexistent set of cultural dynamics, actors and discourses. The Kin ArtStudio’s approach is a contemporary and emancipative one that seeks to carry forward the work of emerging artists for whom art has no geographical, technical or stylistic boundaries. Our structure wants to consolidate its long-term
accompanying strategy with the artists we are working within clearly laying (down) the terms of such
partnership. Having closely worked with many young artists from Kinshasa, DRCongo.

The Kin ArtStudio wants not only to reiterate those kind of experiences, but to enact them considering the
realities of a developing environment in the visual arts over the continent and the need for local artists to
professionalise and make a livelihood. We believe strongly that our efforts and commitment to enable a young generation of African artists to come out and find meaning in their practice in their local context.

Today the Kin ArtStudio is considered as a pool of outstanding talent and artistic developments in the
Democratic Republic of Congo and we would like to see it with our future collaboration with other partners. Our Laboratory of Artistic research and production can reveal, the talents of the Congolese and African creators, why not other corners of the planet. While being a true space of dream and immersion compared to the great places of contemporary art of the world, the new place of Kin ArtStudio with its international program is supported by TEXAF Group and Pro Helvetia.

KAS ( International Artists and Curators Residency program )it is the first international research and production program in Kinshasa, supports emerging and mid-career artists and curators working across all disciplines and is open to local, national, and international artists.

The residency invites artists and curators to rethink the state of contemporary visual art in Kinshasa, Congo and Africa in general. How to implement contemporary artistic practices in a context where it is not obvious, yet emerging. the residency provides a platform for international, national, and local artists and curators to take creative risks within their practice and expand professional networks. In addition to a private studio, residents receive substantial career development support including opportunities to experiment is work to our project space, guest studio visits, artist-talks, and public openings. Residency artists also benefit from the artists community; including ongoing dialogue with fellow residency artists, informal gatherings, inter-studio visits and activities, as well as field trips and meals together. The program and facilities are designed to create a community, foster the expansion and exchange of artistic and cultural practices.

The residency facilitates relations between invited artists and the city’s wealth of resources to develop artists work and enrich the art of the cosmopolitan city of Kinshasa. And also to contribute to the Congolese art scene. Public interventions aim to raise questions about the state of contemporary visual art in the DRC; and interacting with the local community to improve.

We are looking for emerging and mid-career artists or curators, candidates that working across all disciplines who wish to develop their artistic practices in a professional context and create new projects related to their research and experimentation. It will encourage any focused collaboration on the creative use of technology and visual art, its candidates can use all mediums of the visual arts.

Our program encourages creative, intellectual and personal growth of emerging visual arts and to create a framework for meetings and exchanges on various aspects of research. They will work in residence for emerging visual arts and to create a framework for meetings and exchanges on various aspects of research.

The artists are chosen on the basis of artistic merit by an independent jury composed by the national and international art professionals, artists and curators. Artists will benefit from a unique context that will allow them to continue their practice and engage in debates and research on contemporary artistic production. The program will provide residents with a private working studio, meals, Project space and has a good access to electricity, internet and technical facilities, with a consultative library.

Paid by host:

  • Studio Space
  • Open Studio reception
  • Meals


24h Internet access, Network of artists and curators, Installation and building support, library documentation, wood and metal studio, interviews, talks and introduction to the artists in residency and the Kinshasa art scene, meals at no cost.

Paid by International Artists and curators:

  • Artists or Curators are expected to raise their own funds to cover their travel, stipend, accommodation and production costs in Kinshasa.
  • With the help of our partners, Kin ArtStudio will offer support to artists who have limited access to funding.

How to Apply


What we want you to include

For artists :

  • CV, with your Name, Email, Phone, Address.
  • A brief letter of motivation.
  • An artist statement describing your practice and areas of interest.
  • Artist portfolio or 10 images of your works ( max 1MB each ) and your project proposal. – Artist biography.

For curators :

  • 1 writing Sample – must be related to the field (ex: curatorial essay, critical response, etc. word limit 750). -Curatorial Vision – what, why, who are you as a curator. Keep it concise (word limit 250).
  • Statement of Intent – why do you want to do this!? What are your goals as a curator? Include a short proposal if you already have a curatorial project in mind (word limit 500).
  • CV, motivation letter, biography, portfolio.
  • All application materials must be submitted in French or in English.

Residency runs: Between the end of May to November, 2018
The Artists and curators working across all disciplines are encouraged to apply for the residence.
This application is for ( 1, 2 or 3 months ).
The jury will be announced at the end of March 2018.

Please send it to: kinartstudio@yahoo.com

Kin ArtStudio Project: Address : 372 Avenue, Colonel Mondjiba Q/Basoko, Commune / Ngaliema, City of Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo
Tel : 00243 998741952 – 00243 855183442, Email : vitshois@yahoo.frkinartstudio@yahoo.com