31 December 2018


Opportunity Description

Looking For Love…is a photographic exhibition that explores the human condition, through the things, the people, the places or states of being we succumb to.

Our exploration is manifested through our persistent existential pursuit of self; often experienced through lust, through desire, through love…

It equivocates what we are usually unable to verbalise by means of words but often only through experience.

It speaks to the subtleties of being and the complexities of vulnerability while expanding the definition of love. Love by any means may not only define what romance can provide but is a multifaceted ability; can love by any other word still be called love? Do we experience moments and feelings that resemble our desire, that envelop us in comfort and think it is the same? If loves power is transformative, is it transformed by us or are we transformed by it? The definition is essentially unfixed and so love adopts the ability to occupy a multitude of spaces….maybe rather possibilities.

The possibility of love not only implies intention but propels the action of looking into being. “Looking for Love”, explores the interpretation and nuance between the possibility of finding love and the intention of Looking For Love.

How to Apply

Emerging and professional Photographers and/or photo-based artists are invited to submit work, to be considered in the curation of the exhibition entitled “Looking for Love”. The works will be internally reviewed and final exhibition works will be selected from the submission process. If this is an exhibition you would like to participate in, please send your application to lfl@arteye.co.za and please include the following:

  • Your CV
  • A short artist’s statement
  • A selection of photographs not exceeding 3MB per photographic Images may be rendered in any format, black & white or colour, any subject matter the photographer may find interesting; there are no formal specifications to this project.

There is no entry fee for submission.
*The copyright of the images remains the property of the photographer/artist