30 September 2020

Opportunity Description

Vault3K was conceived by Artist Fleur de Bondt in response to the cancellation of a number of exhibitions and events because of a lockdown caused by the Covid-19 pandemic in South Africa towards the end of March 2020. Many artists suddenly lost their ability to earn money and many buyers were holding on to their cash.

Together with Sara Hallatt, the Director of the Meta Foundation, they conceived of a platform where artists were able to reach out directly to buyers and where buyers knew that the cost of the work would be affordable.

The aims of Vault3K are to:

  • Provide artists with a way to sell their work, quickly and easily online
  • Provide artists with a group of people who buy artwork
  • Allow younger artists to build a network of buyers
  • Provide a space where curators can find new artists
  • Provide a source from which emerging buyers can build a collection

This is a callout to artists to join Vault3K, an exciting new platform to sell your art under R3000, no commission taken. A subscription fee of R200 per annual quarter gets you advertising and space to show and sell work. All artworks are curated and have to be of high quality.

How to Apply

Email vault3k@gmail.com for details to subscribe, and start posting.

Post your first artwork for free!