1 March 2021


Opportunity Description

Applications call for Joint DSAC-DSBD COVID-19 Relief Fund for the Visual

Arts, Craft and Design Sector

The Mpumalanga Economic Growth Agency invites Audio Visual, Visual Craft and Design Sector practitioners, with duly registered companies/enterprises to apply for the Relief Fund. This invitation is open to enterprises based in Mpumalanga Province from Wednesday 3 February 2021 until Monday, 01 March 2021. Only Close corporations (CC), Private companies and Co-operatives with requisite documentation.

Craft refers to products covering the broad range of utilitarian and decorative items produced using a range of synthetic and natural materials, skills and techniques such as pottery (ceramics), beading (beadwork), and embroidery.

Design is a very broad concept and includes a wide range of different subsectors such as product design, fashion, textile, jewellery and ceramics.

Audio-visual includes Producers, Director’s, Art Director, Camera, Lighting, Grips, Runner, Sound, Costume, Hair & Makeup, Location Dept, On-Set Photographer, Post Production, and Animation. These are the freelancers (independent contractors).

Visual arts are defined as fine arts (including painting, sculpture, printmaking, ceramics, and drawing) and contemporary art (such as performance art and installations) and photography.

How to Apply

For application forms please visit MEGA website on www.mega.gov.za and under funding tag, click on COVID-19 Relief Fund for Audio Visual, Visual Craft and Design Sector. No applications will be accepted after the closing date (Monday, 01 March 2021).

Please feel free to contact Ms. P. Mauku 0n 013 755 6328 and or 082 905 4948 for further clarity. We are open for business from Monday to Friday, 07:45am to 16:15pm.