Opportunity Description

The NLC promotes the preservation and development of arts, culture and heritage in order to empower communities to help themselves and enable artists to showcase their work internationally.

This sector funds the development of the arts and the preservation of South African culture and national heritage. The concept of national heritage is a broad one, which includes our natural environmental heritage as well as historical and architectural heritage.

In general, applications are welcomed from organisations that:

  • Enable people across the country to enjoy a range of activities of arts.
  • Make arts accessible to more people.
  • Improve facilities so people get more enjoyment from the arts.
  • Provide arts facilities to outside major cultural centres.
  • Promote art forms that are not adequately supported.
  • Preserve and promote awareness of culture and our historical, natural and architectural heritage.
  • Regulations published in July 2010 require the Arts, Culture and National Heritage Distributing

Agency to allocate at least 50% of available funds to organisations involved in the following priority activities:

  • Protecting and promoting traditional knowledge and cultural expressions.
  • Promoting arts and crafts produced by groups of women and people with disabilities.
  • Developing and preserving cultural heritage sites as a way to generate revenue and develop communities.
  • Providing training and support for women farmers.
  • Within this framework, the emphasis may shift slightly from one call for applications to the next.

Organisations wishing to apply should read the wording of each call for applications carefully.

How to Apply

To download all the guidelines and application forms please visit: