30th November 2022

Opportunity Description

Dates: December 2022 – 18 December 2022.

Online workshop: rethinking exhibition models of the Venice Biennale in relation to the history of the curatorial practices.

This online workshop provides an immersive and active understanding of curatorial practice and its developments in the last decades. Through the work of some of the most remarkable curators, the students will develop an understanding of how curating works by looking back at its history and by examining certain case studies. The analysis of specific editions of the Venice Art Biennale will give us the possibility to look to the predecessors and the influence of specific curators on their work. But it is also an opportunity to explore the ways in which the curatorial practices are changing and examine increasingly diverse approaches to exhibition-making.

How to Apply

The application together with the CV should be sent before the 30th November 2022 at curatorialschool@gmail.com