15 May 2021

Opportunity Description

Every two years SABAA announces an art award. This time in the categories of photo, illustration, painting, short story, chapter of a novel, poem to artistically reflect upon the special and individual experiences and effects of the Covid-19-Pandemic in countries of Sub-Saharan Africa in order to frame and reframe, to showcase, inform, evaluate, sustain, facilitate, inspire. And to propose artistic positions in handling our todays reality.

The idea:
What do we know about the effect and image of the Covid-19-Pandemic in Sub-Saharan Africa? What do we see and hear beyond some reports and some statistics? What does matter? What is the story of the place, the group, the individual? What is a better representation of reality than the individual artistic utterance of an experience and impression? What artistic positions are being formulated now?

The purpose:
Providing a voice and visibility for this specific situation and change on our planet. Focusing on a limited, less-priority area (Sub-Saharan Africa seen from the global North), its coverage often hampered by preconceived ideas and attitudes. Putting the individual in the center with its hopes and fears, with its daily-life reality. Acknowledging that art and artworks foster insights of a special, extraordinary nature. Showcasing humanity. Exchange, share. Creating a discourse.

The topic:
Creating or providing an original work of art dealing with the Covid-19-Pandemic in Sub-Saharan Africa and its effects on the individual, the group, the region, the country, the dreams, hopes, fears, anger, visions, illusions, and aspirations. And what else a creative mind and heart sees fit.

How to Apply

Please fill in the online form on form.jotform.com/210101602563337