12 November 2020

Opportunity Description

The Craft + Design Institute (CDI) has been mandated by the Department of Small Business Development and the Department of Sport, Arts and Culture to manage the below COVID-19 Relief Funding (for the Western Cape only) for the visual arts, crafts, design and audio-visual sectors.

Applications are open and should be submitted on or before 12:00 midday on 12 November 2020. Applications can be made via online forms on the CDI website. See link to the CDI COVID-19 Relief Funding Page below.

Please read the full statement here from the Department of Small Business Development (DSBD) and the Department of Sport Arts and Culture (DSAC) – click here to see the statement

The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on lives and livelihoods has been both far-reaching and devastating beyond what could have been imagined. It is this recognition that prompted the continuation of work towards coming up with various measures and interventions to mitigate this negative impact. It was important for the government to respond following pleas from stakeholders and role players in the creative industries to expand on these interventions. Two of those requests came from the National Craft and Design Sector Coordinating Committee and the Cultural and Creative Industries Federation of South Africa (CCIFSA). The Coordinating Committee is a formation of the government and non-government role players, chaired by the Department of Small Business Development (DSBD), with the support of the Department of Sport Arts and Culture (DSAC) to drive government support for the craft and design sectors.

The DSAC together with the DSBD contributes an equal amount of money to set up a fund which is worth twenty-two million two hundred and eighty-two thousand rands (R 22 282 000.00) to provide relief to organisations, enterprises and individual practitioners in the craft, design, visual arts and audio-visual sectors.

Minister of Sport, Arts and Culture, Mr Nathi Mthethwa in emphasising the importance of government’s responsiveness said “The Coronavirus pandemic caught everyone off guard. It has tested our resolve and forced us all to think out the box in order to survive. The hardest hit was the creative sector. We, as a Department are committed to ensuring that artists are supported as we gradually return to normality, albeit, under strict health protocol; and to pick up the pieces as we begin the journey to full economic recovery.”

It is against this backdrop that the two departments are jointly announcing further relief to targeted sectors in the cultural and creative industries by opening the process and thus calling for applications from the mentioned sectors.

Crafters are practitioners that are involved in the production of a broad range of utilitarian and decorative items produced using a range of materials, skills and techniques grass-weaving, ceramics, beadwork, wirework, wood, jewellery, paper, fabric painting and printing, quilting, leatherwork, pewter, glasswork, embroidery and mixed media. The craft sector usually overlaps with certain design disciplines but today the announcement is that design as a specific sector will also benefit from this relief. The design includes a wide range of different subsectors such as product design, fashion design, textile design, and jewellery design and so on.

Also included in this relief is the audio-visual sector and covers support to producers, director’s, art directors, camera operators, people involved in lighting, runners, sound, costume, hair & Makeup, on-set photographers, post-production, and animation. This assistance also includes freelancers (independent contractors). Lastly, the relief also extends to visual artists which are also defined as fine arts (including paintings, sculpture, printmaking, ceramics, and drawing) and contemporary art (such as performance art and installations) and photography.

“As the Department of Small Business Development we endeavour to promote and empower all SMME’s & Cooperatives regardless of their sector but partnering with the National Department of Sport, Arts and Culture which is the most pertinent institution to support and promote our Artists and Crafters is a natural marriage” explains Minister Khumbudzo Ntshavheni.

This relief fund is open to all these sectors outlined above.

The funding will be distributed per province by nine designated hubs and development agencies, namely;

  • The Eastern Cape Development Corporation (ECDC),
  • The Free State Development Corporation (FDA),
  • The Gauteng Tourism Authority (GTA),
  • Trade and Investment KZN,
  • The Limpopo Economic Development Agency (LEDA),
  • The Mpumalanga Economic Growth Agency (MEGA),
  • The Bokone-Bophirima Craft & Design Institute (BBCDI), the North West
  • The Northern Cape Economic Development Agency (NCEDA) and the
  • The Craft & Design Institute (CDI), the Western Cape

Interested applicants are advised and encouraged to visit the above-mentioned websites of the DSAC and the DSBD, as well as websites of the nine above-mentioned hubs and development agencies to access application forms. The application forms are developed solely for this application process and will be used for consideration towards this relief.

There are two types of application forms. The one is an application form of organisations and the other is an application form for use by individual practitioners. These application forms are also available in other South African official languages besides English. Fill in an application form, for organisations if you are applying on behalf of an organisation or an application form for individuals if you are applying as an individual, choose the language you prefer.

Applicants are provided with two options regarding the application form, an applicant may print out the form and fill it in or fill the form directly on the computer. Should the form be printed out, it should after completion of filling in, be scanned and emailed to the indicated email address for the respective province of applicants.

Accompanying the application form should be the requested documents outlined in the call and criteria such as the Affidavit, bank statement and a letter confirming tax complaint (for more information on the criteria please refer to the in the call, available on the websites as mentioned above.

Applications are open from, 02 November 2020 and should be submitted on or before 12:00 midday on Thursday, 12 November 2020.

Applicants will be informed about the outcome of their applications by latest 01 December 2020. Payments to successful applicants are anticipated to be finalised by latest 23 December 2020.

It is important to note that this specific relief is a once off payment to successful applicants. There is a maximum threshold of R15 000.00 to successful individual applicants, and R30 000.00 to formations such as SMMEs, organisation or cooperatives.

How to Apply

Application forms can be accessed as of today, 2 November 2020 on the Department of Small Business Development’s website, which is www.dsbd.gov.za and the Department of Sport, Arts and Culture, on the following departmental websites www.dac.gov.za | www.srsa.gov.za

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