30 April 2021


Opportunity Description

Baz-Art is a young, growing and dynamic company serving both Commercial and NGO clients, in creating visual messages that inspire audiences. Based in Cape Town, and operating in the national and international arena as the largest public and street art platform in Africa, this emerging company builds bridges between communities, neighbourhood groups, businesses and educational systems through creating street art in many forms

With the growth of the organisation from its small roots in Salt River in Cape Town, it now operates in all major cities in South Africa, is now expanding its footprint to other African cities and has its eye on Europe and the Americas. With this growth, Baz-Art now needs to engage someone with your talents and experience in Graphic Design and Illustration to assist them in executing and successfully completing assignments by creating conceptual sketches/renderings for potential large scale artworks. For this role we are looking for a creative who can ensure that our visual messages meet the Baz-Art standard of creativity, while working on tight deadlines and creating digital artworks to specifications clients needs

The ideal candidate is passionate about street art and outdoor marketing, genuinely interested in growing with us, supports our agenda and principles and is keen to truly connect with our company and team. The person is friendly, persuasive, and able to inspire, stimulate and motivate others. We’re looking for someone who is dynamic, a great communicator, a natural team player and a diplomatic communicator

To produce detailed sketches and to be adaptable to any artistic style is a major focus of the job, and those details need to be handled quickly, correctly and efficiently. You will be working closely with the Baz-Art team throughout the process, hence being able to work with others is an important aspect of the role

The suitable candidate should be able to follow up carefully, closely and cheerfully with the team and possibly clients if needed, as you would be expected to conceptualize ideas into sketches for murals in any artistic style. Necessary corrections must be made in a constructive and supportive manner. As time is usually a factor, the work must be done on time, as well as correctly. In general, you will need to follow guidelines, structure, and established policies, while working with and for others and letting your creativity shine

Do the characteristics below sound like you? The below attributes describe our ideal candidate:

  • Resourceful, artistically flexible and creative
  •  Have a strong eye for appealing designs and colours
  •  Enjoy creative brainstorming within a team dynamic
  • Have a strong experience in working with design software (Photoshop and Illustrator)
  •  You’re are an all-rounder and great multi tasker and are able to engage in a variety of activities simultaneously
  •  You know how to prioritize
  • You got a strong sense of urgency
  • Able to cope in a fast-paced environment
  • Relationship focused and good communication skills
  • Great problem-solving skills
  •  Able to involve others in the decision-making process

This is a Freelance position on a retainer and requires around 20 hours of work per month

How to Apply

Please email your CV and portfolio to