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8 August 2019

Opportunity Description

Performance Code Workshop – Open Call
Workshop dates: 5 and 6 September 2019, Johannesburg

Artistic practices within the context of the South African art sphere have accelerated within the approaches of art-making through using sculpture, painting, printmaking etc. These artistic processes are prioritised or rather have currency and remain static due to a commercial taste of a large South African public and beyond. However, other forms of practices such as performance, technology and AI still remain in the margins within academic art institutions, galleries etc. This has led to a lack of the dematerialisation of an art object, which in one way or another favours certain practices over others. While this remains a subjective position by institutions and audiences alike, the general tastes of the South African public appear to be dictated by institutional framing, as opposed to artists acting as agents to enculturate an audience towards new insights of art-making and the question of the idea of art.

The Performance Code workshop considers the above position as a starting point and invites artists –professional, amateur and hobbyists – to exchange, converse and collaborate on a workshop that considers performance as a practical tool towards reflecting on art-making practices. This workshop uses technological apparatuses and vistas to reflect and expand art-making methods, whiles considering Afro-centric knowledge system and viewpoints of inserting, intervening, sampling, repairing open source methods, which are largely open and yet exclusionary.

How to Apply

How to Apply

Send a short text explaining the following:

  • Why you are interested in the workshop and how it will develop your practice or benefit your community?
  • What do you hope to learn and bring within the group/workshop?

Send this, along with a link to your work (website/video links max 3 links) or a pdf of at least 5 images (pdf must include a short bio and statement) to submissions@vansa.co.za

A maximum of 20 applicants will be accepted to the workshop.

Application criteria: Artists and tech hobbyists.

  • Should have a laptop (Windows or Mac) (If you don’t have one and you really want to participate please let us let know and we will try to assist)
  • Keyboard and mouse
  • Have and keen interest in sharing, collaborating and exchange
  • No previous technical or technological experience or expertise is required.