1 February 2020

Opportunity Description

The Rijksakademie offers residencies to around fifty artists (for one year, with year extension) with the goal of providing space for research, experiment and production. Apart from facilities such as a studio, work budget and stipend, there is a research and production infrastructure. There is no standard program, predominant style or ideology. The Rijksakademie provides time, people and possibilities.

Internationally active artists, theoreticians and other advisors pay individual studio visits and are involved in seminars, discussions, lectures and presentations. The advisors come from different continents, cultures and generations, and offer a wide variety of views, reflecting the diversity of contemporary art practice.

Technical specialists form an important basis. They manage professionally-equipped workshops where artists can work and experiment with traditional and contemporary materials and techniques. In response to an individual artist’s requirements, collaboration and unexpected connections arise between the various disciplines.

Contact with other disciplines is encouraged. Universities and institutes connected to the Royal Academy of Sciences are in close reach and, where possible, new relationships are formed.

The library and collections form part of the Theory Workplace and can be used by residents and the public. Every year artists at the Rijksakademie have different backgrounds, cultures and diverse views. Almost all artists have completed an (arts)education and preferably three to five years of professional experience.

Practical Facilities

  • A studio, stipend and working budget form part of the facilities. By collaborating with housing agencies accommodation can be found in Amsterdam. There are project rooms and a cantina.

Who can apply?

  • Application is open to artists with at least 2 years of independent professional experience after finishing education. Most candidates have finished an MA degree but this is not obligatory. There are no age limits, however, most artists at the Rijksakademie are between 27 and 35 years old.
  • Artists who have been participating in another post-academic institution in the Netherlands (Jan van Eyck, De Ateliers), cannot be considered for a Rijksakademie residency.

Please note that you cannot apply more than 3 times for a residency at the Rijksakademie, starting with the upcoming application procedure.


The selection procedure consists of a number of rounds which take place from March until June. In the different rounds, the jury will look at the quality of the work and the application, possibilities for further development of work and thinking within the specific context of the Rijksakademie, and willingness and capacity to play an active role in a critical artist’ community from around the world. The jury (consisting of artists and theoreticians affiliated to the Rijksakademie as advisor) invites a number of candidates for an interview in May/June, as the final round of the selection procedure.

An application consists of:

  • online application form: all required fields must be completed (in English)
  • documentation of work: please follow instructions to upload material
  • A non-refundable application fee of 50 euro is charged, with an exception for artists living in the following countries (more information in the application form).

Please note that all correspondence relating to the selection process is in English.


  • Every selected artist will have a studio, a stipend to contribute to living expenses (in 2020: €14,000) and a working budget (in 2020: €1,500).
  • The Rijksakademie is generously supported by the Dutch government/ministry of Education, Science and Culture. The Rijksakademie Trust Fund—in close cooperation with the resident artists—raises additional funds from private and governmental foundations, corporations and private donors, both nationally and internationally. Every resident artist is expected to raise a Fellowship of € 15,000 per year, as a contribution to the costs of the residency. Selected artists will be provided with more information after the interview round.

Annual contribution

  • The annual contribution is €2750 to be paid before the start of the residency.

Questions about the application

  • Please find the most frequently asked questions regarding the residency here. Questions about the application form can be found here. If you cannot find your answer there please send an email to application@rijksakademie.nl

How to Apply

Apply here