29 April 2019

Opportunity Description

For the first time, the ROSEBANK ROTARY ARTS FESTIVAL has been opened to all studios and art groups countrywide. This very successful exhibition has previously consisted of Figures & Forms members and special Guest Artists. However, there have been constant requests from other artists to participate.
Invitation to all artists to join us this year!

Benefits include no commission to Rotary, own sales on-site, opportunity to enter the portrait competition.

VENUE: RRAF19 Rosebank Mall
AREA: Ground Floor – Level 2, Upper Floor – Level 3 plus Movie level on the ground level.
DATE: 31 May – 9 June 2019.
TIMES: 09:00 – 18:00 Daily for 10 days.
BENEFICIARIES: Proceeds from exhibition stands after expenses and charity squares sales will go to the following

Rotary Rosebank beneficiaries:

  • Senior Youth Leadership Course, SA Guide Dogs, Careers Day

What are Dumbbells?

  • Available Stand sizes (referred to as Dumbbells.
  • Each panel is 2.4m high x 0.96m wide.
  • Silver Pegboards slipped into Octonorms corners.
  • Standard pegboard hooks will be supplied.

Can we book individual panels?

  • Stands will only be available in one full grouping of 10 or 12 panels. The studio is welcome to book more than one set.

Should a studio only want to take half a group, it is their responsibility to find artists or studios willing to share the shortfall.
Will there be any studio branding?

  • The Studio name will be visible on each stand.

How many Dumbbells will there be throughout the Rosebank Mall?

  • Quantity stands available will depend on the Mall capacity. We estimate between 35 to 45.
  • There will be between 350 to 400 panels on show.

What are Charity Squares?

  • Each participating artist will be required to paint one 200 x 200 mm canvas, supplied to by the organisers of RAF19.
  • However, artists are welcome to paint more than one square, buyers often purchase at least two at a time.
  • Charity squares will be sold for R350 each. The full income will be donated to Rotary.

How do we book our preferred stand allocation?

  • For the first time, the exhibition is open to ALL STUDIOS.
  • Stand positioning will be allocated to studios on a first payment basis.
  • Prime positioning within Rosebank Mall will be filled in order of payments received. Thereafter stands will be located to fill the rest of the available rental space.
  • If space positioning is paramount, bookings and payments are made in full as soon as possible.
  • Organisers are not able to enter any discussions or special favors granted when booking areas.

Will we have to manage our own stand?

  • Studios are responsible for organising their own duty rosters. Exhibitors must ensure their stands are constantly manned.
  • Tables and stands will be kept in accordance with the conditions within the RAF19 brief at all times.
  • Housekeeping inspections by Rosebank Mall and our monitors will be on-site during the exhibition.

How are sales controlled?

  • Studios control their own sales and are responsible for their own pay points.
  • Payments may be received via EFT, mobile credit card apps, personal credit card machines (ie www.yoco.co.za) or credit card facilities organises with their own bank.

How do I benefit from handling my own sales?

  • Handling your own sales results in money directly to you.
  • Payments are immediate – no waiting until the end of the exhibition to receive your payments.
  • Enables on-site negotiation with customers.
  • Added benefit of relating directly with the customer and future commissions without any added percentages to Rotary.

How much commission must we add to our selling price?

  • Mpho Zetina Mosai, the special agent will be handling emerging artist over two-three screen sets. She will be handling all sales over 10 days. Panel costs will be as mentioned earlier in this document.
  • Mpho will however take a 20% commission for her sales.
  • Artists exhibiting with Mpho need to add 20% commission to their asking price.

Will there be an official opening?

  • A well-planned opening evening, with bar counter placed strategically, will help move guests through the entire exhibition.
  • Snacks will be carried to visitors throughout the evening allowing them to enjoy the exhibition without having to find a gap to reach at a food table.

Will there be any media support?

  • In addition to the already strong Media bookings, there will be extra coverage in all Caxton newspapers.
  • Added TV and Radio coverage have been organised.
  • The studio will also do their own promotional marketing to encourage additional visitors to the exhibition.
  • A generic email and WhatsApp invitation will be sent to each studio.
  • A Flickr site to showcase one artwork per artist will be available.

Will there be a Portrait Competition this year?

  • There will be a separately run, Portrait Competition. Entries are restricted to RAF19 exhibitors only.
  • Entry fee for exhibitors entering the Portrait Competition is R600 in addition to their stand cost.
  • The winning entry will receive R20,000.
  • Only one entry per exhibitor will be allowed.
  • Portraits prepared on specified sizes will be accepted.

Who is the coordinator and contact person of the Portrait Competition?
083 255 3294

Is there a pre-viewing and restriction of artwork on show?

  • Only the highest standard of artwork will be on display.
  • Examples of work will be viewed by a panel after booking has been received.
  • The organisers will exercise their right to remove any art deemed unsuitable for the Festival.
  • Artists are requested to respect the fact that the exhibition is held in a public space and are asked to please be considerate of the wide audience, which includes children.

Is there a limit to how many artworks I can hang on each panel?

  • Multi-hanging of artwork is totally discouraged.
  • Minimum space guidelines between artworks and edges of panels are included in the brief.
  • Final layout grids will be expected from each artist prior to hanging.

Will we have an opportunity to run our own workshops or demos?

  • There will be three, free workshops and demos on Level 2 and Level 3 daily.
  • Workshops and Demos will be run by participating studios.

Can anyone join the workshops and demos?

  • Participating artists, visiting artists and the general public are all welcome.
  • Artists and visitors to the Mall will have the unique opportunity to learn new skills from a professional tutor.
  • These workshops will be run at no cost to participants.
  • The participating studios have an ideal opportunity to promote their artwork and their studio.

What is the cost of parking at Rosebank Mall?

  • There will be free, safe parking for all exhibitors on duty.

How to Apply

How do we book our stands?
Contact Ronel Potgieter on 082 684 5318 email or artden@artden.co.za.
Please remember there is a limit on stands available. Bookings will be handled on a first come first serve basis.
What will be the cost of each panel?

  • Normal Rate – R1900 per panel
  • Early Bird Rate – 10% discount – R1727 per panel (R172.5 per day)
  • Deadline – Booked and paid for in full before 29 March 2019
  • Total amount due will be multiplied by the number of panels booked, 10 or 12 panels