31 May 2019

Opportunity Description

3 month makers residency and workshop rental on the outskirts of downtown Johannesburg. From 1 July – 30 September, stay and create, research, explore or just hang out in a fully equipped workshop and modest living space.

Perfect for sculptors and mixed media artists who want to make use of a large double volume space with plenty of natural light. Situated in the semi industrial surrounds of Denver Johannesburg. This special offer is only made possible during the time that the artist is away.

Facilities and tools include:

  • 0.25 m/3 Kiln
  • Welders
  • Most basic power tools and hand tools
  • Various work surfaces
  • 1 ton gantry
  • fully equipped kitchen
  • 1 room apartment above the workshop.

Studio rental R10 000 a month

Residents will be fully responsible for contents of the workshops, living spaces and their own health and safety.

How to Apply

For more details and applications email info@michelemathison.com