23 October 2020

Opportunity Description

The Centre for the Less Good idea has an opportunity for 3 artists from sound composition and design interested in mentorship by composer and musician Shane Cooper. The renowned composer and bassist will undertake collaborative episodic sonic compositions and design to construct three-dimensional Podcasts as a living work of art.

Shane Cooper is a South African composer, bassist and music producer whose work can be found in the spaces of jazz and improvised music, electronic music, and scoring for film and theatre. He is known for his interest in blurring the lines of genre, and finding the magic and depth where different sonic universes can meet.

The mentorship will take part over the course in the month of November 2020. the compulsory dates are:

  • Recording at Centre Spaces | 02 – 06 Nov 2020
  • Sculpting & Post Production | 09 – 22 Nov 2020

Those selected will receive a basic honorarium.

How to Apply

The Centre is inviting artists to submit an expression of interest. The expression should come in the form of a short text and example of work that describes your practice and motivation for why you would like to participate.

Email to: lessgoodidea@gmail.com