30 November 2021

Opportunity Description

Providing a platform for photography students worldwide – first prize is top Sony digital imaging equipment.

For the 2022 Student competition, we are asking entrants to interpret the below brief.

Recently we’ve had to think differently about how we connect in more ways than we could have imagined. Around the globe we’ve embraced a modern evolution of communication, giving us a fresh perspective on connecting. It’s also been a time to reflect on making new relationships while sustaining the old ones as well as reconnecting with our surroundings.

How do you connect with your surroundings or local environment? How do you create bonds with your family, friends and colleagues? How do you nurture and develop these links to ensure they endure for years to come?

Be it connecting virtually or in real life, show us in five to 10 images how you, or someone you document, interacts with the world. Your images can be taken on any device, shot in any style – be black & white or colour – and approached from any angle you feel is best. While creative responses are encouraged, it’s key to stick to the brief.

If your institution is not registered yet, you can register here. For information relating to this year’s brief or any other questions please email Panos Pomonis at panagiotis@worldphoto.org

*A programme refers to a formalised photography course/credit/module/foundation which is taught at higher education level, within a diploma / Bachelor of Arts / Master of Arts curriculum.

How to Apply

Check if your institution is registered here. If not don’t worry you can register your institution here.
Work on the supplied brief (you can ask your tutor for guidance)
Enter the competition at https://users.worldphoto.org/user (you will need to login or sign-up before you enter)

  • Free to enter for anyone aged from 18 to 30 years old undertaking a full-time photography programme*
  • Students answer a set brief with 5 to 10 images
  • Up to 10 shortlisted photographers
  • One overall winner receives the Student Photographer of the Year title

Apply HERE