29 September 2021

Opportunity Description

REF NO: BC/02022

The scope of this project is outlined as follows:
3.1 Project Activities

The project will bring together a selected group of 200 (20 pax cohort for Cultural Leaders Programme with an extended 180pax inclusion for Creative Summit) mid-career creative and cultural producers already working in South Africa, Sub Sharan Africa and UK to unite them as a single network that enables innovative work practice.

The project aims to capacitate the creative economy eco-system with SA and UK through the following 3 components:

Component 1: In line with the main objective of the Leadership programme – i.e., support the sustainable development of cultural producers; the objective of the Programme is to strengthen communities/networks of emerging cultural leaders and practitioners and to engage participants in an experience of international networking through a lean, practice-based learning framework that allows them to immediately transfer newly acquired knowledge and contacts into international and local working contexts.

In terms of expected outcomes, participants will be empowered with new tools and competencies that will strengthen their own insight into their working practices and the organisations they manage and offer them means to engage more efficiently in international cultural cooperation.

It is anticipated that this process will generate a multiplier effect, initially within their community of practice and subsequently into their local community. The training programme will instantly enable 20 mid-career cultural practitioners to train and develop, based on a peer-to-peer learning experience, new skills for acting/collaborating in a global cultural working context.
Training of 20 young cultural producers from South Africa, in an intensive 6-month accelerator programme designed by the appointed SA and UK project partners (with British Council oversight). By way of explanation, the programme will be split into two parts however respondents are encouraged to view it holistically with each phase of the project integrated into the other. This accelerator programme will take a blended model of online and physical engagement and will be guided by local COVID restrictions during the period.

Phase 1) This will include the open call and selection into an online cultural producers residency programme. The cohort will undergo a 2 – 4 month intensive “course work accelerator” based model. This must be contextually led and include an experiential task and output to demonstrate learning. Here, participants may collaborate to achieve this output for assessment.
Micro-grants may be given to the programme participants to achieve the production of these outputs where required. Along with demonstrating integrated learned and shared knowledge during this phase, the cohort will be called to produce work that will have a reach of an online audience by either producing a live or virtual event to the public UK/SA audience working across digital platforms.

The cultural producers will be expected to contribute towards component 2 of the project as part of demonstrating integrated learning and shared knowledge.

Phase 1 concluded by February 2022.

Phase 2) To further enhance and imbed the individuals’ skills and capacitate the creative economy eco-system more broadly, the appointed partners will identify up to 20 South African creative organisations who identify the need for leadership skills acquired from the cohort to build capacity within their own respective organisations. This will take the form of work placements for individuals of the cohort (up to 3 months on a paid stipend) and will draw on mentorship from both UK and SA partners as well as their peers through dialogue and regular drop-ins. Phase 2 to begin with placements from March 2022 and may expand into a 6-month period depending on the local organisation’s needs. Activity reports by both participants and partner organisations will be required.

Target audience
Mid-career creative and cultural producers working across the creative sector who are from and cater to a diverse range of art disciplines. We regard Mid-career to mean demonstratable experience of managing mid-large scale cultural events with an array of stakeholders.

  • Cultural Producers/ Managers
  • Arts Consultants
  • Curators

Roles and responsibilities
Working collaboratively over aspects of design and delivery of the programme with South Africa leading in relation to management and administration as outlined below:

  • Design a training programme which will include a small cohort engaged for a longer programme and a larger group engaged through one off seminars / events / learning sessions online or offline
  • Design programme material to include communication collateral and assets
  • Design and manage call out for a minimum of 20 programme participants across South Africa, including a selection model embedded in Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) principles guided by British Council.
  • Deliver course work training sessions of the leadership programme to be completed and reported on by no later than February 2022.
  • Guide and mentor participants with developing experiential outputs to engage with audiences during the training – This can take the form of public facing conversations, art-making/exhibitions and grant allocations will be made available for the delivery of these outputs based on accepted proposals from participants. These outputs need to be completed by March 2022.
  • Support showcasing, communications and Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning to include participation in monitoring and evaluation activity, having a clear content plan and digital campaign for the programme to be shared across partner and British Council digital platforms, producing a project learning report
  • Draft reporting deadline for online leadership platform from both partners and participants to be drafted and delivered by March 2022 in consultation with British Council


  • Managing, contracting, and disbursing of funds to selected participants I.e all finance administration relating to payments I.e. data cost stipends, grant management (for experiential outputs) and work placement consultancy stipends for each participant.
  • Identify and contract SA Arts organisations for work placement consultancies with participants. Business development strategies for match funding opportunities for these placements are encouraged. Matching participants to local organisation in line with skills and interests. March 2022.
  • Manage and disburse micro-grants for creative outputs and stipends for work placements to include all stakeholder management and reporting.
  • All work placements to ensue after the initial leadership training on the platform and would be required to take place before November 2022.

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