14 April 2021

Opportunity Description

Recruiter: Artist Proof Studio
Deadline: 14 April 2021
Industry: Arts Industry
Location: Houghton Estate Johannesburg
Position: Systems Manager
Remuneration: 20 000 – 25 000 p/m

Job Description
As Systems Manager you will be accountable to manage systems between teams and take responsibility for the business teams to execute instructions received via processes within the framework of the business area and specific business teams. The job will also take responsibility to ensure that day-to-day tasks and outputs and ad-hoc initiatives are actioned. This includes ensuring that sufficient planning is performed to ensure capacity for continued task execution and service delivery and being accountable for all activities within the business teams of the company. You will report to senior management.

Minimum 5 years experience at management level with an understanding of:

  • Systems analysis and reporting
  • Stock and resource management
  • Client and service provider relationships
  • HR management
  • Accounting systems flows

Operational Tasks will include:

  • Manage and improve system efficiencies in business units
  • Monitor external perception rating and ensure that scores are within the agreed targets
  • Identify and report on systems failures and errors
  • Manage HR contracts with Unit managers in alignment with Strategic goals
  • Maintain and improve Client and Patron relations
  • Manage contracts with service providers and partners
  • Analysis of sales data to improve revenue streams

Skills and character Traits:

  • Must have superior written and communication skills
  • Excellent problem-solving skills
  • Must have excellent interpersonal and active listening skills
  • Must have strong analytical skills
  • Ability to use Microsoft Office Suite and Adobe efficiently
  • Ability to analyse business processes
  • Ability to multi-task effectively

How to Apply

To apply please send a cover letter and CV with at least two referees to admin@artistproofstudio.co.za by 4pm on 14 April 2021.