30 April 2020

Opportunity Description

Never before in history has there been produced and consumed such large quantities of images and at such high speeds as right now. We are submerged in an ocean of images that stream through us, and it is cheaper and easier to produce than ever. Becoming a filmmaker is not a question of controlling large sums of money and a big crew. It is more about seeing, thinking, feeling, sensing and understanding.

Nordland School of Arts and Film was created for students who have the desire, will and initiative to create and influence the world through moving images.

As a student, you will spend time exploring and discussing the images that surround us including the ones that you and your fellow students produce. You are expected to actively participate in life at school and locally, and to be willing to learn both as an individual and in a group.

We do not believe in innate talent, instead we seek students who have something they want to say, who wish to use their own voice. At Nordland Kunst- og filmfagskole you will be given an opportunity to learn, experiment and develop this voice.

Nordland School of Arts and Film wishes to reflect a diversity of experiences, ideas and contexts. The school’s policy on diversity will be reflected in the admissions process in the sense that we strive to maintain a balance concerning gender, age, ethnicity and geographical background.

We believe in a diverse range of film voices and will strive to be active participants in the debate of this concern.


Admission to the studies at Nordland School of Arts and Film takes place on the basis of passed admission tests and higher education entrance qualifications. Exceptions may be made to the requirement for higher education entrance qualifications if the applicant has reasons for not achieving this. You can then apply for an exemption or conditional offer. Applicants who qualify for it can also apply for admission based on an Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning (APEL).

The admissions test is in two parts and will emphasize the applicants:

  • Motivation
  • Independence
  • Artistic potential
  • Ability to reflect

The first part of the entrance exam consists of independent work. A selection of applicants then advance to a practical admissions test that is carried out before a personal interview. The admissions board completes this work in the month of July.

How to Apply

Download the entrance exam and submit the application via a web form that is linked below. For questions regarding the filling or application process please contact the school’s administration:


Link to the application form: https://nordlandkunstogfilm.forms-db.com/view.php?id=18274